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Why does taking a Bariatric vitamin matter?

Bariatric vitamins are to WLS as prenatals are to pregnancy 

Probably the most well-known example of vitamins made for a specific group are prenatal vitamins. No one would say to an expectant mother that rather than taking a prenatal she should take a multivitamin, extra iron, and extra folic acid hoping that she remembers to do it.  But after WLS, that’s what many patients are told. Take these 5 different products, and you’ll get what you need!  Wouldn’t it be easier to use a product that’s specific to life after WLS?

What is different about Bariatric vitamins?

Bariatric vitamins are made to fit your needs after bariatric surgery.  They are generally higher in several vitamins and minerals than typical over-the-counter vitamins. These include iron, folic acid, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, thiamin, copper, zinc, biotin, and/or calcium.  In addition, the forms that these nutrients come in in Bariatric vitamins are often more absorbable for bodies after WLS. For example, bariatric vitamins often use calcium citrate which is better absorbed than calcium carbonate. On the other hand, calcium carbonate is the go-to form of calcium in most other supplements. Lastly, bariatric vitamins tend to be easier to take than regular ones.  For example, they often come in different forms so you can have options to find what works for you.

With that in mind, we created Baricol Complete to have all the vitamins and minerals you need after bariatric surgery according to the Nordic guidelines.  We have also made them highly absorbable for your new anatomy.  For instance, we use absorbable forms of calcium (citrate) and iron and offer quick-dissolve tablets.  And since we know everyone has different preferences, you can choose from 4 different forms of Baricol: powder, chewable, effervescent, or tablets.

In what other ways does taking a Bariatric vitamin make a difference?

Studies have shown that many people do not take their necessary vitamins and minerals after WLS.  As few as 30% take the supplements they need by 6 months after surgery.  That number goes down to 5% by 10 years post-op!  Considering the deficiencies and damage that can develop with this, it’s important to have an easy way to get your nutrients.

According to a recent study, the main reasons people do not take their vitamins and minerals are related to having too many different pills and products, having complex routines around vitamins, and not seeing the value of taking the supplements.  By using bariatric vitamins, these can often be fixed.  For example, with Baricol, all you need is one product that you can take wherever and whenever you want.  We also hope to add value to your vitamins by building a supportive community, hosting customer events, and helping guide you along your journey.

Have you tried our bariatric vitamins?  If not, order a sample pack today!  If you have, tell us what you like about them!