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Baricol® Complete is a vitamin and mineral supplement made for your needs after bariatric surgery.

Have you had bariatric surgery and want to get your vitamins and minerals in an easy way? Baricol® Complete is an all-in-one product that replaces the cumbersome need to take separate multivitamins, Vitamin B12, Calcium, Iron, and Vitamin D. Plus, it’s recommended by healthcare professionals!

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We pack and ship your products right to your mailbox. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact us. In addition to our customer service, we have both dietitians and doctors on our team who can help.

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We have thousands of happy customers that started taking Baricol at the recommendation of healthcare professionals.  Read more about their favorites!

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Ultra-Processed Foods


Eating a Lot of Processed Food after WLS?

Have you ever felt like it’s easy to eat a lot of processed foods after WLS: protein shakes, pre-made meals, packaged snacks?  While these foods can fit into a healthy diet and aren't always highly...

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Why do I have hair loss after WLS, and what can I do about it?

Hair loss is one of the things that people dread the most after bariatric surgery. It’s also quite common, affecting almost 60% of patients.  What makes it worse is that you never know who will ex...

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Gravidmage efter gastric sleeve


Pregnancy after Bariatric Surgery

Are you one of the many who had bariatric surgery with the goal of having children? It’s not a secret that weight loss can improve fertility – for both men and women actually - which is super exc...

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Kvinna försöker knäppa byxorna


How do I maintain my weight after WLS?

Many people who have had bariatric surgery have a great fear of what if I gain it all back? Most have heard from someone that a friend of a friend has a cousin who gained all the weight back! So how d...

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Trouble with iron supplements after WLS? We got you.

What are some of the things you’ve struggled with since your surgery?  Staying hydrated? Tolerating certain foods? What about taking your vitamins?  You’re not alone. By 6 months after surgery,...

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Hunger text gjord av munkar på grågrön bakgrund


Why do hunger and satiety change after Bariatric surgery?

Have you ever wondered why some people feel almost no hunger after bariatric surgery while others do? After all, pouch sizes don’t differ that much from one person to another, so why would hunger? ...

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Fötter i solljus som står på en våg


What determines how much you weigh after a gastric bypass or sleeve?

What do you want to weigh after your WLS? Is it a weight you were at before? Did someone on your surgical team suggest it? Maybe you need to hit a certain weight to accomplish one of your non-scale ...

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Tips viktopererade


Best WLS Tips for Success from Patients and Professionals!

Looking for some tips and tricks for success after bariatric surgery? Wondering what others on their weight loss journey do to stay active, eat well, and take their vitamins? To find out, we asked ...

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Progress over Perfection after Weight Loss Surgery

Do you sometimes find yourself overwhelmed with all the things you are expected to do after bariatric surgery? Eat your protein, drink your fluids, take your vitamins, exercise, etc., etc.,…and yo...

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Recommended by Healthcare Professionals

Our team of doctors, dieticians, and specialists in the pharmaceutical industry that all here to offer you the absolute best for your body. We have a close working relationship with the healthcare system and visit WLS clinics regularly to discuss the vitamin and mineral needs of patients after surgery. We also host a yearly conference in Sweden for healthcare professionals with a focus on improving the care people receive after WLS.  Just another way we help keep the good life going! We are also happy to say that Baricol is recommended by most hospitals and clinics in the Nordics.
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BariBuddy app for life after WLS!

Finally!  An app designed specifically for your bariatric surgery journey! BariBuddy helps with reminders about meals, water, vitamins, and more. You can keep a food journal, find recipes for the different diet stages after the operation, and get answers to many common questions that can come up along the way.

Baricol Bariatrics - to keep the good life going!

The Heart of Our Mission

Without you, we would be nothing! That’s why we actively work to keep up with you as often as we can. To help make this a reality, we’ve created the Baricol Community. Hang with us at our events, sign up for newsletters, and follow us on social media!

Developed by WLS Experts!

Baricol Complete was developed by doctors and dietitians with many years of experience in bariatric surgery. We also regularly meet with dietitians, nurses, and surgeons who work in this specialty to keep ourselves updated on what is happening and evolving in patient care.

Global Customers

Baricol Bariatrics is a Swedish company, and our supplements are produced in a certified factory in Germany. Today, Baricol Complete has thousands of happy customers throughout the Nordics, Great Britain, and the Middle East, and, of course, we are always looking to expand to other areas!