Customised for those who have had a gastric sleeve or gastric bypass

Vitamins & minerals: All-in-One Product!

  • Over 25 000 customers around the world
  • Recommended by healthcare professionals
  • Replaces the standard recommendation of: Multivitamins, Calcium, Iron, and Vitamins D & B12
Bariatric vitamins and minerals
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What happens in the body?

Bariatric surgery changes and impairs how your body absorbs vitamins and minerals. This is why you have to take supplements every day after your WLS – for life.

Customer events throughout the year

Multiple times during the year we host customer events with exciting lecturers and opportunities to have your questions about life before and after WLS answered.


How to Subscribe

Pick your Favourite

Which Baricol variety would you like us to send home to you? Tablet, Chewable, Effervescent, or Powder.

Create a Subscription

Now you don’t have to hassle with perceptions or going to the store. Pause or cancel any time.

Get your Vitamins!

We pack up your vitamins and send them home to you! If you have questions along the way, our dieticians and doctors are here to help!

Why Baricol?

All-in-One Product

Baricol® Complete is a supplement that is tailor-made to give you everything you need after bariatric surgery in one product.

Vital for Your Health

To prevent nutritional deficiencies, a specially adapted supplement is vital to your wellbeing & long-term health!

Access to Doctors and Dieticians

We have doctors and dieticians on our team with many years of experience in WLS. You are always welcome to ask them questions and learn from them at our customer events.

Simple Subscriptions

Having regular shipments of vitamins and minerals to your door will help you remember to take them. Plus, you don’t have to bother with prescription refills!

Several Flavours and Varieties

Since you can choose between our powder, tablet, chewable, and effervescent varieties in several flavours, we feel confident that you will not grow tired of [email protected] Complete!

Healthcare Professional Approved

Baricol® Complete is recommended by the majority of hospitals and clinics in the Nordic region as well as centres in the EU, UK, and Middle East.

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Carl-Magnus Brodén works at Sweden’s largest bariatric surgery clinic and meets thousands of patients yearly. He recommends Baricol to all of them!

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BariBuddy App for your WLS journey!

BariBuddy is your best friend after bariatric surgery and keeps track of everything including meals, fluids, and vitamins. You can keep a food diary, find recipes for the different diet phases after surgery, and get answers to many common questions that come up along the way. Read more or click the button below to download.