Baricol to Merge with FitForMe

We’re thrilled to announce that Baricol and FitForMe have teamed up to bring you an even better product tailored to your surgical needs. The best part? You only need to take one small pill a day to keep your vitamin levels in check. So much easier, right?

New customers

Welcome to the FitForMe family! We’re excited for you to explore our enhanced range of products designed to support your daily health needs. Head over to the FitForMe website to discover all the exciting options we have to offer. Thanks for joining us on this journey to better healthcare!

Existing customer

Existing customers If you’re a current Baricol customer, your account and subscription are unchanged. Got questions or need updates? Just ask. You’ll still get your Baricol products, and we’re planning a smooth switch to FitForMe soon. Thanks for being with us!

If you want to make changes or have question about your Baricol products or your order, contact us. We’re available via phone: +44 (0)20-393 649 90 08h30 – 11h30 CET or via mail: [email protected]

Frequently asked questions

What’s new in the product since the merge?

The newly enhanced product merges Baricol’s specialized formula with FitForMe’s cutting-edge vitamin technology. Now you get improved vitamin absorption and a wider nutrient profile, alle in one convenient daily poll.

What is the difference between Baricol and FitForMe supplements?

The main difference is that FitForMe offers supplements tailored to the different surgeries. FitForMe focusses on the intake of all-in-one capsule per day or one chew tablet with a separate ferro tablet.
Additionally, Baricol uses magnesium and calcium in its formulation, whereas FitForMe does not. FitForMe offers protein powder, Baricol has a protein bar.

Wil the customer of Baricol still be able to contact dieticians through customer service?

Yes, customers of both brands will be able to contact Customer Service local to their countries. For more information please consult or