Health app with weight loss, recipes, and challenges.

What are your health goals after bariatric surgery?

BariBuddy helps you reach them!

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Why you should download the app

Be stronger together

There are millions of people worldwide who have had WLS who share similar experiences with you. BariBuddy is a place to come together to motivate, challenge, and energise each other!

Establish your routines and keep them

Our data shows that people who use BariBuddy stick to their routines after bariatric surgery better than those who do not use the app. Find recipes, answers to your FAQs, and much more.

Challenge yourself and others

How about reaching your step goal? Succeeding in taking your vitamins 20 days in a row? Join BariBuddy’s challenges, and follow your progress over time.

Manage your goals

Of course, you can register your weight and body measurements with BariBuddy. But maybe even more important – your health goals! Tying your shoes, buying clothes in all stores, or playing more with the little ones in your life.

In the Notifications on the app, we will keep you posted on the latest research, lectures, book releases, events, and much more! BariBuddy will be your way of keeping up to date.

Vitamin Journey

Studies show that it’s hard to take your vitamins for the rest of your life – and we want to change that. By clicking the pink vitamin icon, you will be motivated to take your daily vitamins while meeting wonderful, motivating Buddies!

App that counts steps challenge

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The Science Behind the App

Those of us that developed BariBuddy are science fans! How can you increase adherence to better habits and routines after WLS? Together with our team, we designed the BariBuddy app based on research and proven experience.