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What is BariBuddy?

BariBuddy is an app developed by us at Baricol Bariatrics AB together with other doctors and dietitians with the aim of simplifying the lives of people that have had weight loss surgery. Today the app is available in Swedish, English, and Arabic and can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play.


Man tittar i telefonen BAriBuddy app

Why should I download BariBuddy?

The idea with BariBuddy is that it should be your op-mate after your obesity surgery. BariBuddy sends reminders of all the routines you need to think about after your surgery such as eating, drinking fluids, taking your vitamins, and staying active. The app also contains recipes adapted for the progression of the diet (i.e. liquid and pureed/mashed food) after the operation. You will find an extensive FAQ section with questions ranging from the surgery itself to food and nutrition, psychology, and other great topics along the way. In addition, you can record your eating speed, weight, meals, and fluid intake.  Additionally, everything you register can be compiled into a report that you can share with your healthcare provider.

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Customize BariBuddy for Your Clinic

As a clinic or hospital that performs bariatric surgeries, you can get a version of BariBuddy that’s specified to your practice. The perks of this include little things like having your own logo and address in the app, as well as bigger perks like clinic-specific medical reminders and validation of all information in the version of the app that your patients see so that it complies with your advice.

Today, there are 7 clinics affiliated with BariBuddy in the Nordics:
GB Obesitas Skåne
Aleris Obesitas Skåne
Aleris Obestias Stockholm
NCK Nordiskt Centrum
Metabolt Center (Calanderska)
Skaraborgs sjukhus