Baricol® Complete Sample Pack

Baricol Complete is recommended by healthcare professionals and specially formulated with the vitamins and minerals you need after bariatric surgery. Instead of taking lots of different tablets at different times, we offer all-in-one products that we send right to your home through a flexible subscription plan. This way, you are more likely to take the vitamins you need on a daily basis.

When you receive the sample package, we recommend that you follow these steps:
1. Test each variety after you have had surgery since taste preferences can change after the operation.
2. Begin with the monthly subscription to be sure that you are comfortable with the variety you have chosen.
3. When you know that you are happy with your choice, order the 3, 6, or 12-month subscription, and it will be cheaper for you! 

Dosage: Choose whether you want to take 2 sachets of Powder, 2 Effervescent, 3 Chewable, or 5 Tablets.

Baricol® Complete is recommended in hospitals and clinics throughout the Nordic countries and replaces the need for 2 women’s multivitamins plus extra Vitamin B12, Calcium, Vitamin D, and Iron.

In our sample package, you get a daily dose of all varieties (powder, chewable, effervescent, and tablet) as well as informational material. 

This product can only be purchased once per customer.

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