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Recommended by healthcare professionals!

That's why we choose Baricol!

Baricol Complete has thousands of satisfied customers in the Nordics, Great Britain, and the Middle East. Here you can get read some of our customers’ stories about why they choose Baricol.


Profilbild Louise

That's why I choose Baricol® Complete Tablets

Louise, Gastric Sleeve 2017

Immediately after my gastric sleeve operation, I chose regular prescription vitamins but thought it was complicated and some tasted very bad…Then I tried Baricol Complete and was very impressed.  They are all-in-one, and I no longer need to deal with arranging refills for the prescription vitamins when they run out. Stylish packaging, smart blister packs with exactly three days per sheet, and above all, now I get everything in one product shipped right to my mailbox! I swallow them with my morning coffee, and they slide down easily. I will never choose anything other than Baricol!

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Profilbild på Kim glasögonprydde kvinna i mörkblått linne

That's why I choose Baricol® Complete Powder

Kim, Gastric Bypass 2018

For me, Baricol was the obvious choice even before my surgery. I received information about Baricol’s products at the information meeting at my surgical center before the operation. Immediately, I liked the idea of ​​a complete vitamin supplement that could make my everyday life easier.

I have tried all of Baricol’s products, and everyone has its advantages, but when I recently tested Baricol Complete Powder, I fell in love immediately. I have a little difficulty swallowing large amounts after the operation, so now I mix the Baricol Complete Powder in my juice or breakfast smoothie and am able to get all of the vitamins and minerals I need to continue to feel good. It’s so smooth. In addition, my order comes directly to my mailbox. I am very satisfied, and my blood values ​​are great!

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selfie på man i rosa keps på strand i soledgången

That's why I choose Baricol® Complete Chewable

Patric, Gastric Bypass 2014

Before my gastric bypass surgery, I went to a number of lectures on the operation. There I was told that you would take vitamins every day for the rest of your life and that you should not take all of them at the same time. The clinic also presented a new product: Baricol Complete – just 3 chewable tablets a day. I started with the “regular vitamins” for about 1 month, but I got tired of them, so I contacted Baricol and started my subscription. Ever since, I have taken the chewable tablets. I take all three at breakfast. They are really good, and all of my blood values ​​are great.

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Rund Profilbild på kvinna med långt mörkt hår på café

That's why I choose Baricol® Complete Effervescent

Veronica, Gastric Bypass 2018

During my first summer after gastric bypass, I did not take any vitamins; it was too complicated with many different packages and different times I was told to take this and that. At Danderyd’s Hospital, they told me about Baricol® Complete, and since then, I take my vitamins every day. It made it so much easier! I started by ordering a sample pack, and then I started a subscription, and I am super satisfied. Baricol feels more fun to take; I drop both effervescent tablets in my water bottle and bring them to the gym, to work – everywhere really.  Baricol feels fresh and healthy, not like medicine. I am not sick, so why would I want a supplement that feels like medicine? I want a product that matches my new fresh and healthy self! 

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We also take Baricol after bariatric surgery!

Profilbild på Micke Liljedal efter gastric sleeve

Mikael, Gastric Sleeve, November 2019

The day after my VSG, the dietitians said that the doctor would prescribe me vitamins that I would need to take for the rest of my life – and there were a lot of different products and tablets to keep track of.  For me, it was not that appealing to have to keep track of all the pills plus renew my prescription every time I was about to run out.  Then, the dietitians mentioned Baricol: an all-in-one supplement that comes as a subscription to directly to my mailbox.   For me, it was not a difficult decision. I chose the strawberry Baricol Complete Chewable.

Profilbild Mirelle mörkhårig kvinna

Mireille, Gastric Bypass, October 2019

I love being creative, and just like Baricol’s chewable tablets, I want to get the most out of things without having to fuss over them.  That’s why I chose Baricol when I was told about them at the hospital. 3 tablets per day for the rest of my life – it’s so simple!  I take my vitamins with my lunch, which means I always get my vitamins because  I never miss lunch.

profilbild Annika gastric bypass

Annika, Gastric Bypass, March 2018

I had a Gastric Bypass on March 14, 2018. Even before the operation, I had ordered a sample package from Baricol to see if I liked them. The reason I chose Baricol then was that you just drop the effervescent tablets in your water, and you’re on your way! You do not have to divide the tablets over the day or remember that some tablets should not be taken with others or stand there staring at a whole bunch of medicine jars.

So when I got home from the hospital, I had effervescent tablets waiting for me to get me through the first few weeks. I remembered that my taste preferences could change a lot in the beginning, so I didn’t want to buy a lot in the beginning.

I myself have gotten out of the habit of taking vitamins here and there, and it takes about 2 weeks before I feel a bit off mentally, and then comes the physical fatigue. So get in a routine, and take your vitamins every day! And if you need support, the team at Baricol is there with a helping hand and a smile.

Profilbild blond tjej efter gastric sleeve

Sanne, Gastric Bypass, August 2018

For me, it felt obvious to try Baricol when I was informed about the product at my surgical center. I wanted an all-in-one option – just like Baricol – and something that would be really easy to remember.  To suddenly have to take vitamins for life was new to me.  I had time to test all of the products and found that the swallowable tablets were the best for me. I take all 5 before breakfast every morning, and that is my best tip for finding a routine!  They are easy to swallow and don’t have any off-flavors.

If you haven’t tried them, then now is the time 😊

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