Baricol® Complete Chewable


Baricol complete tuggtablett jordgubb på marmorbord med tre tuggtabletter framför

Baricol® Complete Chewable for gastric sleeve and gastric bypass

Baricol Complete is a supplement made especially for you after WLS and contains all of the vitamins and minerals you need according to the Nordic guidelines.  Our chewable tablets come in the fresh flavors of strawberry, raspberry-peach, and orange, and all you need is 3 per day!

Baricol Complete Chewable comes in pleasing, sweet-tart flavors and is best taken with food. Because you are able to spread out your daily dose, your stomach is usually better able to handle the high amounts of iron compared with other supplements. Baricol Complete is recommended by clinics and hospitals throughout the Nordic region.

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We created Baricol Bariatrics with one goal in mind: to help people keep the good life going! We do this by giving our customers access to tailor-made products and services of the highest quality.

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We search the world over to find wholesome ingredients of the highest quality. Our production takes place at carefully selected and certified factories in Europe. This means that we can offer you as a customer innovative and healthy products created specifically for your needs.

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Since the company was founded at the end of 2014, our employees with solid backgrounds in nutrition, medicine and life sciences have worked tirelessly to create products and services that make a difference every day for our customers in more than 10 countries.