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Nordic Guidelines for Vitamins and Minerals

Nordic bariatric vitamin guidelines

Recommendations from the Experts

It used to be that the recommendations for which supplements to take after WLS varied from clinic to clinic. Then in January 2017, the evidence-based Nordic guidelines for the supplementation of vitamins and minerals after bariatric surgery were published. Now most hospitals and clinics in the Nordics follow these standardized recommendations. And of course, so does Baricol!

Summary of the Nordic Guidelies:

  • Iron 45-60mg/day
  • Vitamin B12 >350 µg/day
  • Vitamin D 800IU/day (in combination with at least 500 mg calcium)
  • Folic Acid 400 µg/day
  • Thiamine women 1,1 mg/day, men 1,4 mg/day
  • Zinc 9 mg/day

Baricol® Complete Follows the Experts

Bariatric clinics throughout the Nordics, UK, EU, and the Middle East recommend Baricol.


Our simple, all-in-one formula was developed according to the Nordic guidelines and replaces the confusing array of many different supplements.

bariatric wls surgeon grey scrubs

“That’s why I recommend Baricol® Complete to my patients.”

Carl-Magnus Brodén is a surgeon in one of Sweden’s largest bariatric clinics. Find out why he recommends Baricol® Complete to his patients.

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