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Nordic guidelines for vitamins and minerals after bariatric surgery

It used to be that the recommendations for which supplements to take after WLS varied from clinic to clinic in the Nordic region.  Then in January 2017, the evidence-based Nordic guidelines for the supplementation of vitamins and minerals after bariatric surgery were published. Now the majority of hospitals and clinics following these standardized recommendations to help ensure the health of their patients. 

Nordiska riktlinjer vitt dokument

A quick overview of the guidelines:

  • The recommendations are the same for both the gastric bypass and gastric sleeve.
  • Iron:  45-60mg/day
  • Vitamin B12:  350 mcg/day
  • Vitamin D:  800IU/day in combination with calcium
  • Calcium: 500 mg or more, preferably as calcium citrate
  • Folate:  400 microgram/day
  • Thiamine:  women 1.1 mg/day, men 1.4 mg/day
  • Zinc: 9mg/day


Baricol complete pulverask i rosa på marmorbord, i bakgrunden syns prover på andra baricoltabletter

Baricol follows the guidelines and is recommended by healthcare professionals

Baricol Complete meets the Nordic guidelines and is also customized for the new anatomy after WLS.   By taking supplements that dissolve in your mouth (Chewable and Powder), in your water bottle (Effervescent), or that dissolve quickly in your stomach (Tablet) the body can more easily absorb the vitamins and minerals.