Baricol Community

Because of you, we have succeeded in creating something that we are really proud of – the Baricol Community!  The Baricol Community is our way of supporting you on your WLS journey by bringing you together with others who have had surgery and professionals who work in the field. Join us for our customer events, Dietician Q&A sessions, and on our Instagram!

Upcoming Lecture:

Keep your eyes peeled for information on our next lecture coming up in the spring of 2022. Follow us on Instagram for the most up-to-date information.

Dietician Question and Answer

There are often questions that come up after surgery, and Dr. Google isn’t the most reliable.  That’s why our dieticians are here!  Laura, Sara, and Joanna have many years of experience working in bariatric surgery nutrition and can answer your questions based on their expertise and current research in the field.