What We Do

We, the doctors, dieticians, and pharmaceutical specialists behind Baricol Bariatrics AB, develop products and services to support a healthy life after weight loss surgery.

Adherence is our primary goal. We work on many levels – including within the healthcare system – to make that goal a reality. This focus is not limited to vitamins and minerals. We also support health routines also around diet, physical activity, mental health, hydration, and more.

Our product, Baricol Complete, is a customised bariatric supplement that is based on the Nordic guidelines. Our BariBuddy app educates and reminds patients of what to do and when to do it. We also host customer and provider events, educate healthcare staff on supplements after WLS, and arrange networking opportunities.

Our History

Health is the most important thing we have. A person who is sick wants nothing more than to be healthy again. Treating the disease of obesity with surgery can be the start of a journey back to health – and we want to be along for the ride.

Our founders wanted to create a product customised for bariatric surgery patients. They saw that both the supplements prescribed after WLS and the after care provided were not focused on patients’ needs and decided to change this. The first version of Baricol® Complete came to life in 2014 at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg, Sweden. This planted the seed for Baricol Bariatrics AB which was founded in January 2015.

Baricol Bariatrics Today!

Today, Baricol Complete has thousands of satisfied customers throughout the EU, UK, and the Middle East. In addition to Baricol Complete, we have created the BariBuddy app and host customer events to provide support along the journey after WLS.

We also hold our Multidisciplinary Forum on Obesity in Sweden each year. This is the largest educational event on bariatric surgery for dieticians and nurses in the Nordic region. In all we do, our hope is to improve life for people bariatric surgery. We hope you’ll join us!