All-in-one vitamin and mineral solutions for life after gastric sleeve or gastric bypass

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Baricol Complete

Carl-Magnus Brodén, Doctor at GB Obesitas in Sweden

Why Baricol?

It’s all-in-one and requires no prescription. The risk with prescriptions is that patients can get “lost” in the system over the years. This means they may not receive the appropriate follow-up care after surgery, and vitamins and prescriptions for them become easily forgotten.

Why is it important to take supplements?

You have decreased absorption of vitamins and minerals for life after WLS, and thus vitamins become necessary – like a medication.But it’s a challenge! People generally feel better than ever and maybe no longer need other medications. Plus it takes time before micronutrient deficiencies to develop. So supplements are probably something we need to emphasise more as healthcare professionals.

Carl Magnus Brodén, VD och läkare GB Obesitas Skåne

Göran Lundegårdh, Bariatric Surgeon

Why do you recommend Baricol?

Studies have shown that all-in-one supplements have better adherence over time than many different products. That’s important since you must take supplements regularly for the rest of your life. Baricol follows the Nordic guidelines for vitamins and minerals after WLS and comes in many different forms. In a study we did, those that took Baricol had better lab values than those who took the regular prescription.

What are the biggest risks of not taking vitamins and minerals?

If you do not take your supplements, you increase your risk of developing deficiencies – iron and B12 deficiencies are the most common. Over time you risk developing osteoporosis. In a follow-up study of a group of my patients 10 years after surgery, 80% had some sort of deficiency, and 60% had precursors to osteoporosis.