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Work at Baricol

Baricol Bariatrics AB is a Swedish company that develops products and services for people that have had bariatric surgery with the goal of creating conditions to keep the good life going after WLS. To work with us is to be part of an exciting journey of the future, in a team consisting of doctors and dietitians, economists, and people with extensive experience from the pharmaceutical industry.

The parent company is located in Gothenburg, Sweden, but we also have a branch in Sundsvall, Sweden. Together we form a nice bunch with lots of energy who do our best to be there for our customers and for each other – every day.

Glad man står bakom rosa papperspåsar

Available Positions

Is it you we’re missing? Let us know! We are constantly growing and always want to get in touch with driven and committed potential colleagues.

What can we offer you?

At Baricol, there are opportunities to grow, influence, and –  most important of all – really have fun at work!

The latest from us


Why do I have hair loss after WLS, and what can I do about it?

Hair loss is one of the things that people dread the most after bariatric surgery. It’s also quite common, affecting almost 60% of patients.  What makes it worse is that you never know who will ex...

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Gravidmage efter gastric sleeve


Pregnancy after Bariatric Surgery

Are you one of the many who had bariatric surgery with the goal of having children? It’s not a secret that weight loss can improve fertility – for both men and women actually - which is super exc...

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Kvinna försöker knäppa byxorna


How do I maintain my weight after WLS?

Many people who have had bariatric surgery have a great fear of what if I gain it all back? Most have heard from someone that a friend of a friend has a cousin who gained all the weight back! So how d...

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Trouble with iron supplements after WLS? We got you.

What are some of the things you’ve struggled with since your surgery?  Staying hydrated? Tolerating certain foods? What about taking your vitamins?  You’re not alone. By 6 months after surgery,...

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Hunger text gjord av munkar på grågrön bakgrund


Why do hunger and satiety change after Bariatric surgery?

Have you ever wondered why some people feel almost no hunger after bariatric surgery while others do? After all, pouch sizes don’t differ that much from one person to another, so why would hunger? ...

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Fötter i solljus som står på en våg


What determines how much you weigh after a gastric bypass or sleeve?

What do you want to weigh after your WLS? Is it a weight you were at before? Did someone on your surgical team suggest it? Maybe you need to hit a certain weight to accomplish one of your non-scale ...

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Tips viktopererade


Best WLS Tips for Success from Patients and Professionals!

Looking for some tips and tricks for success after bariatric surgery? Wondering what others on their weight loss journey do to stay active, eat well, and take their vitamins? To find out, we asked ...

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Progress over Perfection after Weight Loss Surgery

Do you sometimes find yourself overwhelmed with all the things you are expected to do after bariatric surgery? Eat your protein, drink your fluids, take your vitamins, exercise, etc., etc.,…and yo...

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Bild på min med målade läppar som skriker ut något


Should I Tell People that I’ve had Bariatric Surgery?

To tell or not to tell? That is the question. Taking your health into your own hands through WLS is a very personal journey, and so is the decision of whom to share the journey with. Some people wa...

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