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Health app with weight loss, recipes, and challenges.

Download the New BariBuddy: The Bariatric App!

The BariBuddy App was born 5 years ago, and since then, it has helped over 25,000 users on their WLS journey.  Now we are ready to introduce a brand new BariBuddy that has had more than just facelift – it has several new features! The best part is this is just the beginning! We will continue to develop, grow, and improve BariBuddy so that you will find everything you need to keep track of along your journey right in the app – both now and lifelong! 

App with fun facts and motivational text

Isn’t it usually easier to do things together? That’s why BariBuddy’s focus is: Together we are strong!  In the app, you will be met by others who have had bariatric surgery and have experienced the ups and downs that can happen along the way, so that with BariBuddy – you will never be alone. 

Included in The App:

  • Recipes developed by dieticians tailored to your needs.
  • Frequently asked questions answered by doctors, dieticians, nurses and psychologists.
  • Motivating tools to make it fun and easy to take your vitamins.
  • Weight and body measurements with graphs and statistics..
  • An eating timer that helps you maintain a good eating speed.
  • Notification centre with news, events, lectures, and other important information related to life after bariatric surgery.

Come Along on the Vitamin Journey!

The pink vitamin button in the app allows you to register your daily vitamin intake. When you do, you will be met with inspiring messages or a video to motivate you to continue your journey. Pressing the vitamin button also generates points that you will be able to exchange for discounts on products!

These are some of the people you will meet in the app. Soon you’ll also be able to upload your own video – so you can motivate others!

Get tips, motivation, and inspiration from others who have also had WLS!

Thank you @marielitavlog, @the.bariatric.hippy, @notjustaprettyface._wls, and @me_loosing_moi for inspiring us!

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